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December 2013


Why are you dieting?

The real danger of influenza

How about some kidney pie?

Overweight? Blame it on germs

November 2013

Why aging increases the risk of alcohol

Think I'll go eat worms

Trace minerals, nutritional stepchildren

October 2013

Take a trip and come back healthy

Paleo pitfalls

A little nutritional geometry

Mind your genes! They're telling you something.

Is bathing a good idea?

September 2013

Do you need a vitamin B12 shot?

Dietary monotony - bad for your health

Chickenpox is forever

Are you aging or just getting older?

August 2013

Calcium: the Goldilocks Rule

Why is type 1 diabetes increasing?

When runners hit the wall

Yo-yo? Uh-oh!

July 2013

Intercepting three silent killers

Let's not become Nauru

Your immune system: why you need to make it better

Going bananas?

Everything in moderation, even exercise

June 2013

How to cut calories without counting them

Is there a healthy chocolate?

Should exercise hurt?

Summer's here. Seniors take care.

May 2013

Osteoporosis didn't exist in the Stone Age

Eh? Speak up!

Could you get along without bread?

A prescription drug is a compromise

April 2013


Do you need an iron supplement?

Martyr mentality

RDA and alphabet soup

Visiting nurses to the rescue

March 2013

Lessons from a broken leg

Mercury - fears and facts

Watch those mosquitoes

Why there won't ever be a fat pill

February 2013

The antibiotic wars

The thin, not the meek, shall inherit the earth

Nature's multipurpose tools

Is your physician a doctor?

January 2013

The rules of dessert

Exercise and serving size

Knees - Your knees shouldn't wear out

Why you need a medical translator

Don't let the superbugs get you

December 2012

Free sample strategy

Influenza vaccine - now more than ever

It's not how long you live

Why leafy greens are a best buy

November 2012

The almost-perfect exercise

Become a grocery shopping genius

Let's go back a hundred years

Sometimes vaccines fail - or worse

October 2012

There's no corn in the ocean

Fitter kids, fewer problems

Pet turtles - not a great idea

Prunes are no joke

Why seniors shrink

September 2012

Drink less, enjoy it more

Can fixing healthcare start with soda?

The Staphylococcus cycle - stay alert

When medical researchers collide

August 2012

Could you live without these foods?

Gout - not just for rich old men

Walking with weights. Does it help?

What if 911 doesn't answer?

July 2012

Avoiding arthritis

Do METs matter?

Flesh-eating bacteria: when to worry

Invisifat. It's the worst kind.

Bake sale psychology

June 2012

Can a virus make you fat? Sometimes.

Exotic fruits, exaggerated claims

Body of water

Why we fall

May 2012

Are we too clean?

Is a "No CPR" tattoo a good idea?

What is the Paleo Diet?

Savvy moms change school food habits

When are you too sick to exercise?

April 2012

A heart-stopping backlash

If it's Spring, can lawnmower injuries be far behind?

An osteoporosis cocktail

Watch those ticks!

March 2012

Barefoot running

Pain relief: Do it safely

Potassium deserves some respect

Vaccinate your kids, protect yourself

February 2012

Asthma up, healthy habits down. Could there be a connection?

Down-aging disease

Exercise: slower is safer

Okinawa's secret longevity weapons

January 2012

Solving the antioxidant paradox

Body fat: location, location, location

Five deadly epidemics and how to avoid them

How safe are herbal teas?

Run faster, see better

December 2011

The gluten challenge

Don't clean your plate!

How healthy are shellfish?

The trillion-dollar disease

November 2011

We can't afford to be fat

Fructose: the real issue

Fruits, vegetables and wrinkles

My plate - a missed opportunity

Sports drinks - why bother?

October 2011

Can cranberries prevent bladder infections?

C-Section: the bigger picture

The veggie-bone connection

Why bother to wash fruits and vegetables?

September 2011

Don't put a child on a diet

Don't be afraid of fish oil

The great grain trade-off

When and where do you walk?

August 2011

Spinach - The real value of spinach

It's time to screen our kids for old-age diseases

Stay on track for good health; 3 principles

What wheat has wrought

Whose serving size?

July 2011

Let's downsize our babies

How do you cook your fish?

Change one habit a week

Questions for God

June 2011

Baby Boomer blindness

Coffee gets a good rap

I can't believe they ate the whole thing

A simple answer, and it's wrong!

May 2011

Stone Age CPR

How exercise affects cancer

Keeping your wits: how to avoid dementia

Natural appetite control

Price per pound going up

April 2011

Is it dangerous to lose weight?

Don't ruin healthy food

Time management

Water bored?

March 2011

Be careful how you stretch when you exercise

Physical Education: Priceless

Restaurant roulette

Sleep tighter

Sugar seduction

February 2011

Childhood diabetes - the silent surge

What you miss when you diet

Exercising? Be patient

Whether to eat meat

January 2011

Becoming healthier doesn't take forever

Busy body, better bones

Colorful foods. More than just pretty.

Dangerous perceptions

December 2010

Don't let your kids grow up average

The wonderful one-hoss shay

Why fry?

Vitamin K matters

November 2010

Big waist, brain waste

Long-lasting effects of exercise

Wild fat versus supermarket fat: is there a difference?

Reasons for staying healthy and vigilant

The sodium-potassium flip-flop

October 2010

Beyond iceberg lettuce

Melt your middle

Pump iron at any age

Vitamin D and your brain

September 2010

Farmed salmon: how safe, how healthy?

Don't go overboard

We all die anyway, don't we?

Think zinc, but not too much

August 2010

How to enjoy a cruise cuisine

Fat no protection against fractures

Is green tea the key to good health?

Healthy gums and healthy hearts

The Pigpen Theory

July 2010


How obesity raises cancer risk

Organic foods. Better or not?

Your plastic brain

June 2010

Cradle to grave - a short trip for the very obese

Diabetic complications: the key analogy

Three diet-killers

Don't get weighed, get impeded

Fragile children

May 2010

E. coli - friend or foe?

Exercise: sound and safe

Foiling fat in the kitchen: seven secrets

Food labels: when to take a pass

April 2010

Bears, bones and astronauts

Grapefruit. Risky food?

Make it Mediterranean

Resveratrol: miracle or myth?

March 2010

Building better balance

The politics of obesity

Safe womb, delayed tomb

Can you "spot reduce"?

Long-distance travel safety

February 2010

Will the flu vaccine give you the flu?

Prebiotic and Probiotic: confusing but critical



January 2010

Disasters and your health

Does muscle turn into fat?

Free range chicken

Love your pets — carefully

December 2009

Bioeconomics. Why muscles get smaller and bones get thinner

The egg revolution

Body fat fallacies and facts

Going up in smoke: your money, your health and your looks

Should we all be vegans?

November 2009

Hepatitis, an avoidable risk

Kids and weight control: it's easier when you start 'em young

The life expectancy myth

Sleep and your immune system

October 2009

Diversity isn't just for portfolios

Is exercise useless?

Why your kids fight and argue

Obesity and failing immunity

September 2009

Gallbladder problems: lifestyle matters

Magnesium and Rodney Dangerfield

Very ancient therapy: massage

Health controversies

When Stone-Agers become like us

August 2009

Experience California. Try an avocado.

Childhood epidemics ignored

Flax oil versus fish oil

Immunizations: Big shots for big kids

July 2009

Babies, smoking and genes

Type 2 diabetes: two hundred billion and climbing

How Stone Agers cooked and why it matters to us

Sidestep the black box

June 2009

Creeping obesity

Ever eat Stone Age fruit?

Prepare for the flu next time

A failing legacy

Vitamin D, superstar

May 2009

The Stone Age: nasty, brutish and short - maybe not!

The Senior Shuffle

Were Stone Agers Vegetarians?

Men still hunt and women still gather

April 2009

Breastfeeding and healthcare financing. Is there a connection?

Hidden Epidemics

A Traveling Family Can Eat Well

Unsung benefits of omega-3 fats

March 2009

The real reason for dietary fiber


Smoking surprises

Spice is nice - and healthy

Fat genes. Nature's mistake

February 2009

Is there magic in cinnamon?

Cut calories, cut your risk of cancer

Why thrifty genes might bankrupt our economy

We're built to last 100 years

January 2009

Whole wheat and the whole truth

Muscle-bound? That's no excuse!

Healthy fast food

Diabetes, a growth industry

December 2008

How Did Stone Agers Handle Stress?

Substitutes: Thinking out of the (recipe) box

Chemicals and diabetes. Look further.

Exercise: the bigger picture

Ten tips to avoid holiday weight gain

November 2008

How old are free radicals?

Fish: big benefits, small risks.

No more falls

Cancer: A mostly modern disease

October 2008

It's not your father's gym

When snacks make sense

Fructose: healthy or hazardous?

Pregnant in the Stone Age

September 2008

Dried fruit - as good as fresh?

Examples, and then some!

Lifespan isn't the issue. Healthspan is.

Stroke - it could become rare

We start too late

August 2008

Avoiding Alzheimer's disease

Germs in the Stone Age?

Salt: "It just hit me."

The Pimas. Is this our future?

July 2008

Butterflies in my stomach. Yum!

Dieting? Not so fast!

How kids can help to save gas

Omega-3 fat. Is it what got us here?

Stroke: when mini goes to maxi

June 2008

Does fitness matter?

Jack LaLanne — just an ordinary guy?

Potato! What have we done to you?

The "Settle For" health mentality

May 2008

A 300-pound cave man? Not likely!

Diet: why variety matters

Save your eyes with exercise

The price is too high

April 2008

Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Is it preventable?

Does anybody need milk?

Osteoporosis. Can we avoid the epidemic?

Why wine works to keep hearts well

March 2008

The Case for Nuts

Calorie wise, pound foolish

"No, thank you."

What if there were no mirrors?

What make a diet "natural?"

February 2008

Dark chocolate looking healthier

Diabetes: should you be screened?

The Fidget Factor: It's NEAT

Preventing cancer the easy way

January 2008

Companies that get it

Depression: The cheapest antidepressant

No famines in the Stone Age

The Naked Sandwich Diet

Normal weight or obese? Both!

December 2007

Does it matter how you get your calcium?

Getting too much protein? Yes and No.

Figuring out the nutrition label

Vitamins: when you don't want purity

November 2007

Fit Parents, Fit Kids

Super-oldies. Would you like to be one?

Pregnancy: Obesity's next target?

Losing those last few pounds

October 2007

The ups and downs of cholesterol

The Myth of the Masai: lessons for us

It don't hurt that much

What are goalposts for?

What good is sour wine?

September 2007

A Stone-Ager's favorite drink

Are You Immune Enough?

Japan: fading aging

Gapping Generations: Greatest to XL. What Happened?

August 2007

Sweet Sabotage

Hidden fat: hidden danger

Ever Meet a Hunter-Gatherer?

It's never too late

July 2007

Exercise adds quality years

Kale: from "Ugh!" to "Ahhhhh!"

Low-fat doesn't work? Go deeper.

Truly happy meals

Aspirin in the Stone Age?

June 2007

The Cuban Paradox

Calcium and kidney stones

Breastmilk versus cow's milk: no contest

Raw foods: upside and downside

May 2007

Exercise: good or bad for your immune system?

Stone Agers fasted. Should you?

Living longer? Or lasting longer?

Whose portion, yours or mine?

This is your brain on sugar

April 2007

Fat Old Fred

Are you a greyhound or a St. Bernard?

A Third Epidemic

Healthy childhood is disappearing

March 2007

The egg hunt, Stone Age style

Good Fats, Good Pregnancy

Weight loss after forty

What's a little dirt, anyway?

February 2007

Variety is the price, not just the spice, of life

Growing girth is everybody's costly problem

Exercise or Sport?

Are we making our kids asthmatic?

January 2007

Energy and Building Materials

Flavonoids: gifts from the Stone Age

Keep your brain young

The Stone Age Pharmacy

Breaking the Breakfast Barrier

December 2006

Paris, France or Paris, Texas?

The challenge of chubby cheeks

No more boring exercise

What's Behind Your Sweet Tooth?

November 2006

Boron: the stealth mineral

The end of PMS?

Poor Stone-Agers. They never had prime beef.

How Did Stone Agers Handle Stress?

October 2006

Does exercise prevent breast cancer?

What? Throw food away?

We all pay by the pound

Salt licks and strokes

Staying Slim: tips from the Stone Age

September 2006

Your ancestral bioclock

Genetics loads the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger

Bird flu in the Old Stone Age?

Do-It-Yourself Cholesterol?

August 2006

Not low-carb, right-carb

Why stretching matters

Water wisdom

Stone Age Kids: What a Life!

July 2006

Obesity surgery: is it worth it?

Don't be fooled by fruit juice

Who should have a pre-exercise checkup?

Spoiled food - how dangerous is it?

Is Your Child a Picky Eater? Here's Why.

June 2006

Can foods make you look younger?

Want fries with that? Think twice.

No colon cancer in the Stone Age?

What lurks beneath baby fat?

May 2006

Hard-wired for Exercise

If you avoid sugar, will you avoid diabetes?

Do you have a termite lifestyle*?

Let the sunshine (vitamin) in - Part 1

Let the sunshine (vitamin) in - Part 2

April 2006

Take steps to maintain your memory

Healthy Sumo Wrestler: an oxymoron

Is it time for tea?

Girls deserve better than this

March 2006

Don't Count Calories, but Calories Count

Little fish, big benefits

The changing face of heart disease and stroke

Healthy eating tips for families

February 2006

What's in an apple? More than Vitamin C

Would Stone-Agers have been chocoholics?

Better bones, better balance, better life

Stone Agers were not so short-lived

January 2006

Don't give cancer a chance

You can put the brakes on diabetes

Is running exercise?

Sleep, light and health

Why don't guys get thunder thighs?

December 2005

Do you have an alcohol strategy

How does your appestat work?

Olive oil: hype or health

Blood Pressure and Your Diet

November 2005

Heart Health for Men: Wrong Directions

Improvement, not perfection

Stay away from bad joints

Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency disease

Stone-Agers didn't take vitamins, why should we?

October 2005

Stone Age Cancer: lessons for us

Ethnic food

Fat: it doesn't just sit there

Work out, save your eyesight

September 2005

Aging and vitamin needs


Cravings are Lifesavers

Should you avoid certain exercises?

Why more asthmatic kids?

August 2005

Body Mass Index. Is it useful or deceptive?

Fitness, falls and fractures

Got Folate?

Whither Low-Carb?

July 2005

Eat Like a Stone Ager Without Feeling like One

Exercise: more than just heart benefits

The flip-flop over fat: what to believe

Diabetes: The Gathering Storm

June 2005

A Different Kind of Brain Drain

Bread: the crutch of life

The French Paradox: myth or reality?

Wine on the vine. Better than bottled?

High fat, long life. What's the catch?