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Welcome to, the digital home of Philip J. Goscienski, M.D. Our mission is to help individuals maintain a healthspan that is equivalent to their lifespan. Medical scientists call this a compression of morbidity. In most Western societies the average lifespan has reached nearly eight full decades but about ten percent of a person’s life is now burdened by conditions that are almost completely avoidable: chronic heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, arthritis, vision and hearing impairment, dementia and other lifestyle-destroying diseases.

Join the Stone Age Doc as he provides a unique but well-researched perspective on current health issues that include nutrition, exercise, the cost of healthcare, emerging diseases, new approaches to chronic diseases, osteoporosis and other topics that will help you to become leaner, livelier and longer-lived.

What you’ll find on this site

Carvings, a healthletter that will keep you up to date on emerging issues that affect our health, trends in treatment, emerging infectious diseases, diet fads to avoid and other subjects that will support your good health.

A List of Presentations, more than 75 PowerPoint topics that range from avoiding dementia, diabetes and other diseases to fascinating descriptions of what it was like to be a  physician in Egypt, in Renaissance Italy and the California Gold Rush.

Presentations can be tailored to the needs of any audience or time frame. For details call 760-732-1414 or e-mail

Details about Health Wisdom from the Stone Age, a five-volume e-book anthology based on The Stone Age Doc, a weekly newspaper column that appeared in the Reading PA Eagle for fourteen years. It is available at