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Welcome to stoneagedoc.com. The Information Age is becoming the Information Overload Age, and not all the information is accurate or helpful. The Stone Age Doc, a weekly column, made its debut in January 2005 in order to provide readers with a new way of looking at wellness and illness.

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Why obesity matters

The mission of The Stone Age Doc is to help individuals maintain a healthspan that is equivalent to their lifespan. Medical scientists call this a compression of morbidity. In most Western societies the average lifespan has reached nearly seven full decades, but about 10 percent of a person's life is now burdened by chronic heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, arthritis, vision and hearing impairment, dementia and other lifestyle-destroying diseases.

Our Stone Age ancestors weren't sickly or disease-ridden. They survived because they were robust and healthy. They never suffered from what we call diseases of aging, not because they didn't live long enough, but because those diseases are lifestyle-related, not age-related.

Join The Stone Age Doc as he provides an unusual perspective on current health issues that include nutrition, exercise, the cost of healthcare, emerging diseases, new approaches to osteoporosis and other topics that will help you to become leaner, livelier and longer-lived.

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