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Thanks for (Ouch!) saving my life

Perhaps you saw the recent news article about how Senator Joe Manchin saved the life of another senator – Claire McCaskill – by performing the Heimlich maneuver/abdominal thrust. The story didn’t describe the details of what caused the airway obstruction but the big news was that Rescuer Joe cracked one of Ms. McCaskill’s ribs. Bad form but a good outcome.

There’s a teaching point here: if the abdominal thrust – the Washington Post called it the Heimlich maneuver – is performed correctly you shouldn’t crack a rib. The good senator obviously placed his hands too high on Ms. McCaskill’s abdomen. The best place is just above the bellybutton. Not only will that avoid vulnerable ribs, it will also avoid the xiphoid process, the arrowhead-shaped bone that points downward (and right at the liver!).

I’m willing to bet that by now Senator Manchin has received dozens of e-mails and tweets to let him know how to improve his technique.



Dieting Guidelines

Spot reducing sounds like a great idea. Too bad it doesn’t work for thighs, chins or upper arms. Categorically, using a vibrating “fat-reduction” tool on any part of your body or exercising one area (like your thighs) will have little effect on the fat there.

Having said that, all fat is not the same. The stuff around a woman’s hips and thighs is hard to get rid of because nature has programmed it to be one of the last stores to melt away during food scarcity in case the owner of the fat happens to be pregnant. Fat around the middle – which is usually an indicator that there is too much heart-damaging fat around the abdominal organs, intestines, etc. – usually starts coming off first when you lower calorie intake and exercise more. Be aware, however, that doing lots of abdominal exercises won’t make that fat go away any faster, it will just give you stronger abs underneath the fat.

That dangling fat at the back part of the upper arms won’t go away any faster if you do lots of arm exercises but the muscles there will get bigger and more firm. Eventually you’ll lose those “angel’s wings” along with the excess fat everywhere else.








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