Upcoming presentations

            Until the COVID-19 crisis is over and we can again meet in groups, my presentations at OASIS will be given online using ZOOM, an extremely user-friendly application that can be set up in just a few minutes. The system being used by OASIS has been working very well.

            If your computer does not have a microphone/speaker you can follow the presentation by phone while the video portion is displayed on your computer monitor. You will receive detailed, easy-to-follow instructions when you register for the online class.

            Each of these classes has relevance to the current pandemic.

Friday, April 3, 11:00 a.m. OASIS Online. Immunizations: the good, the bad, the future. Vaccines have been around for centuries and they are responsible for the eradication of several deadly diseases. They are not entirely benign, however. Immunization is no longer only for children. There are at least two adult vaccines that can save your life. Sponsored by OASIS. To register see their web site at http://www.oasisnet.org.

Thursday, April 9, 1:00 p.m. OASIS Online. The antibiotic crisis: how we got here. Only three generations of humans have lived during the antibiotic era. This presentation describes how antibiotics were discovered, how they work, why they are becoming less effective and how we can protect ourselves from antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. Sponsored by OASIS. To register see their web site at www.oasisnet.org.

Thursday, April 16, 1:00 p.m. OASIS Online. Probiotics and Prebiotics: The care and feeding of germs that keep us healthy. Beneficial bacteria populate the outside and inside of our bodies, improve our immunity, lower cholesterol and provide energy. Learn how to safeguard this critical resource. Sponsored by OASIS. To register see their web site at http://www.oasisnet.org.


In the news

Be careful of phony cures or preventive supplements for this pandemic virus.

Among all the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 there is one element that holds true: there are as yet no documented, proven treatments for this new viral illness. I hope that this will change in the next couple of months. Those who promote things like vitamin C are not necessarily malevolent. Rather, they are desperately hopeful and jump on unsubstantiated claims.

Our example of vitamin C is a case in point. It’s an important nutrient but its effect on cold viruses and coronaviruses is minimal at best. Intravenous, high-dose vitamin C has been tried on coronaviruses in the past with marginal benefit but such dosing is not possible except in a hospital setting. High oral doses may cause stomach upset and in some persons can cause kidney stones. Two or three servings of fresh fruit every day are sufficient for most people. For the 80 percent of Americans who never or rarely eat fruit, a vitamin C-containing multivitamin makes sense.

Coconut oil, curcumin and elderberry extracts have no proven value.

You’ll find objective, reliable information on this topic at one of my favorite websites, http://www.consumerlab.com.


Another in our series on annoyances of aging: cracked fingertips.

       During cold weather some seniors develop painful cracks on the tips of their fingers, most commonly the thumbs.

Moisturizing creams, hydrocortisone and herbal preparations are often recommended but nothing beats Super Glue! Just place a single drop on the crack and by the time you get the cap back on the tube the pain will be gone. Super glue is safe and is commonly used in emergency rooms to close minor lacerations.

A single application is all that’s necessary if you put it on as soon as you notice the crack and feel the pain. If you wash your hands multiple times a day, as most of us are doing these days, you might need to apply it again but the crack usually heals itself under the glue in two or three days.












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