Pandemic Perspective #21 Covidiocy August 15, 2020

More than six months into the coronavirus pandemic there are contradictory opinions about whether it is rising, leveling off or declining. That’s nothing compared to the idiocy – already named Covidiocy – that permeates society like an epidemic. (Sorry – couldn’t resist.) Scientists, journalists and politicians (especially politicians) are all part of the clown force.

Covidiocy is defined as the loss of the ability to think logically during a pandemic. It’s nothing new; bizarre ideas and practices have been rife during everything from the Black Death to the Spanish flu. The modern media, of course have put it in our faces like never before.

Speaking of faces, the covidiots that wear face masks are the most obvious.  It’s bipartisan; Anthony Fauci, Jerry Nadler and Gavin Newsom have been photographed with their masks under their noses or hanging on their chins. Democrats point to the times when Donald Trump went barefaced completely. Before our fitness center closed I actually counted 16 fellow exercisers right around me who thought that they were wearing mouth masks, not face masks.

It’s hard to open a web page these days that doesn’t include an ad for masks – including the ones with valves, which make breathing easier but also allow any germs in your exhalation to waft unimpeded through the air around you. Plain cloth masks such as bandanas are comfortable but just as worthless.

Perhaps the most idiotic are the politicians who have decreed that we should wear a mask even when home alone, alone in our cars, during a Zoom session, when walking in the park with a family member or even when having sex! How scientific!

Then there is statistical covidiocy – such as the numerous instances in which persons, listed as fatal cases and who died with the coronavirus were included among those who died of coronavirus – including one report of a person who died of a gunshot wound. (I’ll concede that some of those reports are made up but many, not just a handful, are valid.)

The just-announced democrat vice presidential candidate is recorded on video as saying that young people are stupid. Having at some point in the past being young and stupid myself, I totally agree. Seeing the many videos and photos of young people at parties, bars and other venues, crowded together, vocalizing, maskless and clearly not “distancing” reinforces that opinion.

By the way, how is your supply of toilet paper?


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