Carvings December 15, 2021

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Nag, nag, nag – but someone has to do it!

            Three disturbing news stories emerged in the past couple of weeks and each one referred to articles that I have posted since the onset of COVID-19, whose sad anniversary occurred this month. Perhaps the most concerning news is that the rates of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have increased dramatically in the past year and the adolescent black population is being hit especially hard. In persons below the age of 19, type 2 diabetes has almost doubled – 95 percent! In one large medical center it tripled in just one year. And  these kids are sicker – five (!) times as many presenting with so-called  “diabetic coma” than in previous years. As noted in previous posts, young persons with type 2 diabetes get complications such as kidney failure and blindness faster than those who develop it in their 50s or 60s, which had been the pattern of the 20th century.

            The International Diabetes Federation has just published a report noting that the rise in type 2 diabetes continues to increase among all ages and is also being seen in pregnant women who develop “gestational diabetes”, which is associated with serious complications for their infants. According to the IDF, one in ten adults in the world now has diabetes.

            And now we learn that the coronavirus can hide in fat cells and that fat stores harbor immune cells whose overactivity can lead to the fatal condition known as cytokine storm.

            There is a growing consensus among health educators that this is a wake-up call, a stimulus for a strong effort to reduce the rate of obesity – now a staggering 42 percent of American adults. As a nation we simply cannot afford the cost of treating persons with the complications of obesity and type 2 diabetes – soon to reach one trillion dollars a year.  


If you’re an average American you probably don’t like fish, or you have it only a couple of times a month. Big mistake. Fish is one of the best sources of protein on the planet and it comes with a very small amount of saturated fat. Most of the fat that we find in fish is the polyunsaturated omega-3, which in my humble opinion is the single most important nutrient that is lacking in the American diet. (Actually, it’s the opinion of scores of nutritionists.)

            Unless you’re pregnant, about to be, or under the age of 5 you don’t have to worry about mercury. Non-pregnant grownups can tolerate levels of mercury that are considerably higher than that found in most fish, especially the smaller ones like salmon and sardines.

            Half of the salmon in U.S. restaurants is farmed. Fish raised in pens are often fed grain, not what fish eat in the ocean or in lakes and streams.  Eat wild when you can.

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  1. Is it a possibility that these increases in type 1 and type 2 diabetes is a result of the vaccine? So many people this last year have been vaccinated. This is a big concern of mine. My wife is type 1 and I am always worried about my children becoming type 1. My wifes nephew is 13 and now type 1 and a young cousin of hers.



    • Hi, Joseph,
      There is simply no link between the vaccine and either type of diabetes. However, there is a link between the natural infection and type 1 — it seems that the virus may actually destroy or damage insulin-producing cells.
      The increase in type 1 diabetes actually began a few years ago and no one can explain why. As you know — and what is evident in your wife’s family — is that type 1 does have a genetic component, in which certain people respond to a viral infection with an immune response that cross-reacts with islet cells. Before we had the mumps vaccine pediatricians noted a surge in kids with type 1 a few weeks or months later.
      The surge in type 2 is most likely linked to the rise in obesity. More than 90 % of persons with type 2 are overweight or obese and in the remaining 10%, some are what we refer to as NWO — Normal Weight Obese, in which the person’s body weight is normal but the percentage of fat is higher than normal. For instance, the Mayo Clinic found that 20 % of women whose weight is normal had excess levels of body fat.
      I am appalled and frustrated over the mass refusal of the vaccine, and the number of false stories about vaccine effects. In fact, my latest PowerPoint lecture is entitled COVID-19: seven facts, seven lies and seven benefits. (Yes there are some benefits from this disastrous pandemic.)

      Stay well.

      Best regards,


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